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   Q. What will I find in the archive ?


          A.  The Archive contains a vast amount of M-B related material, including photographs,

                brochures, price lists, service manuals and other technical material dating back

                 from the present time to the late 19th century. 

                 The Archive database is being populated as fast as its team of volunteers 

                 can prepare images and documents for uploading on to the site.




     Q. Can I make an appointment to visit the archive?


     A. Yes, by arrangement with the Archive team. Please contact: 



    Q. Can I download material from the Archive ?


    A. Yes, certain material is available  to be downloaded.



    Q. What size pictures can I download? 


      A. The images available for download are offered at 4 sizes - A5, A4, A3 and Full size*

           As the original material is in a wide range of sizes (often non-standard) 

           the 4 sizes quoted are nominal. For example, the A5 size will be 2480 pixels on its longest side.

           The picture may not fill all of the A5 shape, as this depends on the size of the original.


           Please note that the image size will include a borderas displayed.

           The image will be reproducible/printable at the stated size.


           *Full size is the maximum available, dependenton the size and quality of the original. 


     Q. I am a Mercedes-Benz Club member, why should I pay to download a picture or document

          from the Club Archive?


    A. Although the Archive team are all volunteers, the M-B Club has to pay rent for the Archive’s

         premises, the major cost of setting up the Archive database and its on-going running costs.

         Hence members have to pay a relatively small amount towards off-setting these costs 

         for the use/benefit of this unique and valuable resource.

         Please also note that downloads of A5 size images are FOC to members.


 Q. I am a member and would like to download a picture so that I can make a print. 

                   Do I need to concern myself about copyright?


             A.  Members can download pictures and documents for personal use without any concern about copyright.


Terms and Conditions 

Material from the archive collection including digital images is supplied to Members subject to the terms and conditions as set out below.These contain important restrictions on the use of such material. 

Archive collection material is supplied on the strict understanding it is for the personal use of the Member and will not be sold, transferred, distributed or used for any commercial or other purpose, including: reproducing or distributing the images or any part thereof for profit; selling or distributing electronic copies of the images either as standalone files or as part of a product. The Club retains all rights in the images and any derivative images.



The Club does not claim copyright in all material held in its Archive, but any copyright that is held remains the property of The Club.  



The user agrees to indemnify The Club in respect of all and any claims, losses, damages or costs arising in any manner howsoever from the reproduction of the supplied image/s including but not limited to the failure to obtain licences, consents, permissions or clearances as are necessary to reproduce the supplied image/s.


Commercial users

           Q. I need a picture for commercial use, what is the copyright situation?


          A. The Club is not able to offer any form of licence to copyright.  

               The Archive’s charges for images and documents as listed in its price list 

               are solely for the Provision of the material and no assignment of copyright is implied or given.

               Responsibility for all matters relating to copyright and usage of images and documents 

               must be accepted by the user and or agents of the user. 

               Please see our full terms and conditions.


If you are a commercial user please contact the Mercedes-Benz Club Archive, The Control Tower, De Havilland Drive, Brooklands, Weybridge,Surrey, KT13 0YP. Tel.01932 346981 or email archive@mercedes-benz-club.co.uk

Conditions will apply and must be adhered to. 


            Q. I am not a member,how do I join?


  1.              A. Visit The Mercedes-Benz Club website.